Timothy Abraham

Timothy Abraham is a journalist from Liverpool who cut his teeth on the Midlands, Manchester and Merseyside football patches. He has written for virtually every broadsheet and tabloid newspaper in the UK and most frequently for The Times, The Independent, Daily Telegraph and Daily Star. A keen club cricketer, Timothy secured German citizenship via his father Ingo only to see his hopes of representing the Deutsche Cricket Nationalmannschaft dashed due to lack of ability. It piqued, however, an interest in cricket in more offbeat locations and he has co-edited the Cricket Round The World section of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack since 2012. Not to be confused with the former Sky Sports cricket reporter of the same name, Timothy has also written for The Cricketer and contributed to the BBC’s radio and online coverage of cricket. His first book – co-authored with James Coyne – is titled Evita Burned Down Our Pavilion: A Cricket Odyssey Through Latin America (Constable) and is published in May 2021.