David Luxton Associates is London-based literary agency that specialises in non-fiction. A market leader in sports writing, our list also includes investigative journalism, nature-writing, memoir, history, popular reference and politics.

Founded by David Luxton in 2011, DLA has grown rapidly over the past seven years and we have been shortlisted for the prestigious Bookseller’s British Book Awards Literary Agent of the Year 2018. We work closely with writers, sports personalities, journalists and new and established authors to provide them with outstanding literary representation both in the UK and internationally.  We can also advise on publishing strategy and provide assistance on developing publishing brands.

DLA draws on a wealth of expertise to provide literary, film, tv and stage rights representation to our clients.  We have introduced new writers from abroad to a British audience, advised and assisted global brands to devise literary strategies for their clients and helped create a number of notable bestselling and prize- winning books.

On the following pages you can find out more about what we do and who we represent.  If you’d like to discuss foreign rights representation then please visit the Rights page on this website.

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The James Milner Foundation

DLA was in attendance at the James Milner Foundation dinner, where they raised over £1million for various charities. An incredible achievement!...

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Chasing a Rugby Dream by James Hook with David Brayley

We are thrilled to announce that Polaris Books will be publishing the first in a brand new series of middle grade kid’s books by former Welsh rugby legend James Hook and David Brayley in the summer of...

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Tom Palmer, The Ruth Rendell award

Our very own Tom Palmer is the deserved winner of the Ruth Rendell award for services to literacy. We couldn’t be happier that all his hard work championing reading has been recognised. Well don...

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Unbelievable Football: The Most Incredible True Football Stories You Never Knew by Matt Oldfield (Wren & Rook, October 2019)
Football is the world’s favourite game where there’s everything to play for and anything can happen. Like, a dog walking on the pitch in injury time and saving your team from relegation… A goal keeper saving two crucial goals with a broken neck… Or even a game erupting in no man’s land between the British and German soldiers during the Christmas Truce.
From great events to the completely unknown and down-right ridiculous, these are the best stories from the beautiful game. Compiled by bestselling author Matt Oldfield, Unbelievable Football will keep young fans entertained for hours.