Peter Fiennes 

Peter Fiennes is the author of four books. His latest, A Thing of Beauty: Travels in Mythical and Modern Greece is a journey around Greece in search of beauty and hope, inspired by the sites of some of the most resonant Greek myths. It is published in October 2021 by Oneworld. His previous book is the bestselling Footnotes: A Journey Round Britain in the Company of Great Writers (Oneworld, 2019) which received countless ecstatic reviews and is one of the most moving, elegiac and funny portraits of the British Isles published in some years. It was a Guardian Travel Book of the Year and was shortlisted for the Stanfords Book Awards 2020; the paperback was published in September 2020.  Peter’s book Oak and Ash and Thorn: From Ancient Woods to the New Forests of Britain, was published by Oneworld in September 2017, also garnered countless great reviews, and was a Guardian Nature Book of the Year. His passion for protecting Britain’s woodlands shines through this book and informs much of what he writes about about. Peter’s first full-length book, To War With God (Mainstream, 2011) was a moving account of his grandfather’s time as an Anglican Chaplain on the Western Front and has been adapted for the stage by the Artless Theatre Company. Peter lives in London and can be found on Twitter most days. He is a director of the Urban Tree Festival and an ambassador for the Western Front Way.

Twitter: @pfiennes