Jessica Knowles

Jessica Knowles is a free-spirited, nonconformist who displays a more active, more fulfilling, less conventional life and loves an adventure or two. She is also a primary school teacher. She isn’t a fitness fanatic or an Olympian, but she likes to lead an active life and is happiest eating her sarnies with an inspiring view in front of her.

Jessica has a published children’s book about her escapades with her dog (Adventures of Pepper the Ginger Dog), has been nominated for a UK Blog Award, worked with well-known brands such as BBC News, Countryfile Live, Daily Mail and has been nominated by her class as the ‘funnest’ teacher to ever walk the earth. The last being her greatest achievement to date. She has an Instagram, YouTube and TikTok account, Dogventures, with a collective following of over 65,000 people. She runs a popular website called with stories about her time spent outdoors and adventure tips.


Instagram: @_Dogventures_

TikTok: @dogventures

Youtube: Dogventures