Gareth Timmins

Gareth Timmins is a former Royal Marines Commando turned author of Becoming the 0,1%, and emerging Behavioural/Cognitive Scientist. During recruit training in 2005/06, he documented his experiences by keeping a never-before captured diary of elite military training. In recent years, he has utilised his psychological grounding to produce and integrate thirty-four lessons to his book that people can employ to achieve cutting-edge, performance thinking and acquisition of goals.

More recently, he has founded Becoming the 0.1% in anticipation for his book publication in Spring 2021; selling niche accessories, top-quality clothing and training products for those endeavouring to become members of the 0.1% … aka The Royal Marines. Additionally, he has founded Nought Point One Projects – An innovative off-shoot of Becoming the 0.1%, that creates Quintessential Instruments & Distinctive Outerwear for all people, and supports elite human endeavours striving to make a positive difference to the planet and its inhabitants


Instagram: becomingthe0.1percent