The Promises of Giants by John Amaechi is out now!

Happy publication day to John Amaechi!

The Promises of Giants is a challenge to anyone who aspires to make a difference in their environment. Over fourteen promises, it seamlessly intertwines personal anecdotes and workplace and social observation with the latest research, to provide practical, proven tips and strategies to empower you to maximize your own potential and inspire others. It is not a self-help book. It is a how-to guide for winning, rooted in the belief that the most unlikely of people, in the most improbable of circumstances, can become extraordinary.

Published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Available to order here

Out Now – Dogventures by Jessica Knowles

Happy publication day to Jessica Knowles!

Jessica Knowles has always embraced the great outdoors. But growing up, she often wondered why adventurers were always men. Where were the women? Where were the intrepid female voices of exploration and travel? Determined to break the mould, Jessica embarked on a series of adventures with her canine companion, Pepper, and discovered that life is all the more fulfilling when you live a life less ordinary. Now, in Dogventures: How To Live a Life Less Ordinary, readers will have the chance to see how they can overcome fears and have a richer and more confident lifestyle.

A witty, trailblazing book that will inspire you to ditch the sofa and the package holiday for the wonders of an active, outdoors lifestyle.

Available to order here

Maradona: The Boy. The Rebel. The God by Guillem Balague is out now!

Maradona is the definitive new biography of a true global icon, from world-renowned football writer and journalist Guillem Balagué.

Based on in-depth interviews and first-hand stories, Guillem Balagué’s masterly biography represents a psychological and sociological approach to the legend. This journey of exploration takes Guillem to Argentina, Spain, Italy and Dubai. Along the way, he asks what fosters such adulation, and how this adoration engendered a self-destructive personality.
Even after his untimely death in 2020, Maradona continues to fascinate: his divine status seemingly preserved for ever.

Maradona: The Boy. The Rebel. The God is published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Blink to publish new title from Freddie Flintoff

We are so excited to announce that Blink has acquired Freddie Flintoff’s new book!

Publishing at the end of October 2021, The Book of Fred showcases Flintoff’s unique approach to life. It is filled with anecdotes, observations and the odd opinion all told with Fred’s trademark humour and no-nonsense style. Spanning all stages of his life from childhood indiscretions to adult, well, indiscretions, the book bounces from the sublime (his series winning performance in the 2005 Ashes) to the ridiculous (singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’ in front of a live audience); from the highs (making the transition to top TV presenter) to occasional lows (accidently upsetting the lovely Bruce Forsyth); and from the profane (discussing Shane Warne’s barnet with Hollywood royalty) to the profound (why ‘having a go’ leads to self-respect).

The Book of Fred will share Flintoff’s code for success, happiness and a life fully lived, gleaned from half a lifetime of hard yakka on the wicket, in the dressing room, behind the wheel, in the boxing ring, and even treading the boards of a stage musical. This is his way of giving his readers a laugh, some joy, and (the occasional) pause for thought along the way.

Telegraph Sports Book Awards Announce Football Book of the Year Longlist

We are delighted to announce that three of our authors have made the longlist for the Telegraph Sports Book Awards Football Book of the Year! Congratulations James Montague, Daniel Gray and Tim Rich.

1312: Among the Ultras by James Montague

1312: Among the Ultras tells the story of how the movement began and how it grew to become the global phenomenon that now dominates the stadiums from the Balkans and Buenos Aires. With unprecedented insider access, the book investigates how ultras have grown into a fiercely political movement, embracing extremes on both the left and right; fighting against the commercialisation of football and society – and against the attempts to control them by the authorities, who both covet and fear their power.

Extra Time by Daniel Gray

From club lottos to undeserved wins, and from pitch-invading animals to the roar after a minute’s silence, Extra Time is another romantic celebration of football fandom and its shared joys, habits, eccentricities and peculiarities. It is a salute to keepers going forward for corners, match balls landing on stand roofs and goals scored in quick succession.

These chapters offer a gleeful antidote to disillusionment with modern football, VAR and all. They are reminders of why we care and justifications for our devotion. Each warmly evokes this sport’s blessed capacity to offer escape and diversion. Let us share the delight once more.

The Quality of Madness: A Life of Marcelo Bielsa by Tim Rich

Featuring interviews from across South America, Europe and Yorkshire, The Quality of Madness is a comprehensive and compelling biography, tracing Bielsa’s story from growing up as a member of one of Argentina’s most remarkable families to his revival of Leeds.

Bielsa has long been known as ‘El Loco’ – the Madman – and yet as Tim Rich’s revelatory study reveals, there is mercurial method and audacious logic to the madness.

Michael O’Mara to publish fitness manual by Bond trainer Simon Waterson

We are delighted to announce that Michael O’Mara is set to publish a new training manual by Hollywood trainer Simon Waterson.

A former marine, Simon has worked in the film industry for over 25 years during which time he has transformed Daniel Craig’s physique for five James Bond films, turned Chris Evans into Captain America and trained John Boyega and Adam Driver for the recent Star Wars films.

Using the same methods and tricks that he uses for turning the world’s biggest film stars into athletes Simon teaches you how to reimagine your own body, and improve your health, energy, sleep and mood.  A performance manual for any age, gender and fitness level, Intelligent Fitness: The Smart Way to Reboot Your Body and Get in Shape encourages you to focus on performance, rather than aesthetic to reach achievable fitness goals.