Blink to publish new title from Freddie Flintoff

We are so excited to announce that Blink has acquired Freddie Flintoff’s new book!

Publishing at the end of October 2021, The Book of Fred showcases Flintoff’s unique approach to life. It is filled with anecdotes, observations and the odd opinion all told with Fred’s trademark humour and no-nonsense style. Spanning all stages of his life from childhood indiscretions to adult, well, indiscretions, the book bounces from the sublime (his series winning performance in the 2005 Ashes) to the ridiculous (singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’ in front of a live audience); from the highs (making the transition to top TV presenter) to occasional lows (accidently upsetting the lovely Bruce Forsyth); and from the profane (discussing Shane Warne’s barnet with Hollywood royalty) to the profound (why ‘having a go’ leads to self-respect).

The Book of Fred will share Flintoff’s code for success, happiness and a life fully lived, gleaned from half a lifetime of hard yakka on the wicket, in the dressing room, behind the wheel, in the boxing ring, and even treading the boards of a stage musical. This is his way of giving his readers a laugh, some joy, and (the occasional) pause for thought along the way.