“A Ringside Affair” by James Lawton

The late James Lawton’s wonderful evocation of a golden age in boxing, “A Ringside Affair” is published today, 1st November, in paperback.  

I feel honoured and privileged to have worked with Jim over the last few years as he truly was one of the greats of British sportswriting. His talent was seen on both the pages of newspapers and in books, and I was fortunate to observe him at his finest when he wrote ‘Forever Boys’. 

But he was more than a brilliant writer. He was great company and our many meetings (often at El Pirata in Mayfair) were filled with countless stories from across the globe where he witnessed all the good, bad, and ugly that sport at the highest level had to offer. Those meetings were fun.

In many ways ‘A Ringside Affair’ showcases Jim at his very best. He was always there when it mattered, and thanks to him it felt like we were there as well.

– David Luxton

A Ringside Affair pb